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How to Humiliate a Submissive

Hello again, my little ones! Come closer and let Ms. Sirena tell all of you a story. Oh, yes, it’s a humiliation story, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

A Small Penis Is An Invitation

Let’s be real here. Having a small dick is basically just an invitation for women to humiliate you. So it’s a good thing that most of you have already figured out how to get off on it, since you’re going to be laughed at either way! This is something a certain sub of mine had to learn the hard way. I love doing panty boy humiliation with him, and I decided it was time to step it up a little, so I told him the other day that I had a little assignment for him. He got all excited because he knew that it meant something new.

Incognito Humiliation

Ever since I wrote that post about public humiliation, I’ve been thinking up ways to humiliate my boys in public without dragging unsuspecting people into our “scene.” Things to fly under the radar, so to speak. So I told him he had to go and buy a pair of panties. At first, he didn’t think anything of it because I tell him to do that regularly…but in the past, I’ve always let him buy them online. This time, though, I meant he had to go out to an upscale lingerie store and buy them. Then, after they were purchased, I told him to go to the nearest restroom and change into them. I’m sure no one really had any idea what was going on, but to this slave boy, the whole world had X-ray vision that day, LOL!
Your Ebony Humiliatrix,
Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


2 comments to How to Humiliate a Submissive

  • Ryan

    All these humiliation posts sound extremely hot to me lately

  • Sirena

    Excellent! I guess you are starting to see the titillation with humiliation. Keep reading and let me know if they are having the same effect. :)

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