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Men With Small Penises Should Wear Panties

Welcome back to the small penis club, the blog for men with small penises and for you other guys with cocks that might not be little, but are still worthless. Worthless how? If you are a premature ejaculator, or if you can’t get it hard or keep it hard, or, if you are just less than seven or eight inches, you belong to the small penis club! I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I just adore cock mocking men with small penises and/or useless penises!

If you are just joining a small penis club blog, in my last blog entry I was discussing how I handle it when I find out how small my date’s penis is.  I usually go through a very humiliating ritual of taking his photograph with my cell phone and sending it all of my friends. This may sound a little harsh. And you know why? I don’t really give a damn! I think that if a man has a small penis. He should warn his dates! He should tell them. I have a small penis. You should know this about me. If they don’t they’re just lying! We expect to be able to have a good time on our dates, both during the day and after when we get back to our apartment! So if you have a small penis. I think you should be wearing panties, all the time. This is a very good thing because if one season and panties. She will undoubtedly know that his penis very very small. So I can go out and buy seven pairs of pretty pink panties to where and when you wear those panties wear them with pride knowing that you will no longer disappoint your dates. Of course, you will longer be getting a dates, but that’s okay! You really need to go out on dates anyways have a small penis and nobody wants that! You need to just stay home and masturbate look at porn and play video games! That’s what you do best isn’t it?

I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I love mocking men with small and/or useless penises!  If you foot that bill, give me a call and let me mock your cock, heck I can even mock your cock on cam!

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