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Santa Joins the Small Penis Humiliation Club!

Welcome back to the small penis club, the blog for men with small penises and for you other guys with cocks that might not be little, but are still worthless. Worthless how? If you are a premature ejaculator, or if you can’t get it hard or keep it hard, or, if you are just less than seven or eight inches, you belong to the small penis club! I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I just adore cock mocking men with small penises and/or useless penises! If you are just joining the small penis club, welcome little – dicked loser and honorary useless dicks that may as well be small! This is part of a continuing saga about me and Nate Christmas shopping…so if you need to catch up, by all means, do! (You, catch up?  Sure, like I see THAT happening!) “WHAT! YOU SAY YOUR BOYFRIEND HERE HAS A SMALL DICK?!?!” (You could have heard a pin drop after that!)  It was so bizarre and hysterical at the same time!  I think I may have a couple of hairline fractures on my ribs from laughing so hard!  Santa and I were slapping our knees and so were the sexy elves!  It was too much!  One elf even rolled on the floor, literally!  I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I love mocking men with small and/or useless penises!  If you foot that bill, give me a call and let me mock your cock, heck I can even mock your cock on cam!

Small Penis Club with Ms. Courtney

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