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My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours!

Every now and then, I love bringing the erotic humiliation to all you small-dick guys by showing you how much bigger mine is than yours.  Of course, I’m talking about my strap on!

Bend Over & Get Ready

It’s fun to remind you of your place, and strap on sex is one of the best ways.  Men think that the person who’s got the biggest dick is the one who should be in charge, right?  Well, guess what that means?  It means you get to bend over and be my little bitch, LOL.  Don’t think I won’t be reminding you why you’re in this position in the first place while I’m pounding that little ass of yours.  That’s half the fun, after all.

Maybe I’ll Invite A Few Friends

Come to think of it, I might even have YOU tell me why you’re down there, too.  Nothing quite like self-administered small penis humiliation to really put you in your place!  I’m not even above doing it in front of an audience.  I bet some of my friends–male and female–would get a kick out of watching you be completely dominated and humiliated by yours truly.  Just think, you’d be laughed at by a whole roomful of people instead of just me.  That makes it seem that much more delicious, doesn’t it? 😉

Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


Are You A Foot Fetishist?

Hey there to all you members of the itty bitty dick committee, also known as the Small Penis Club. I know we normally discuss SPH and all its different permutations here, but I’ve noticed something. Among men who have small cocks, a few fantasies are pretty common among them. For the next few weeks, I’m going to discuss those. Who knows, you might get lucky and find your own fetish listed.

One of These Fetishes is Foot Worship

Now, I have some nice feet. I love my size eights. They are great for any sort of shoe you can think of. High heels, boots, even flippin’ flip-flops look good on me. Just as a side note, I like wearing a sandal or ballet flat during a session because sometimes it is just way too much fun to take off my shoe and pop a guy’s ass when he isn’t expecting it. They always jump in shock and awe, ask what that was, and most ask me to do it again. So why am I talking about my feet? For foot worship purposes, of course!

How You Can Be Special

Here is the sad realization. Some of you are no bigger than my big toe down there. Others of you aspire to one day BE as big as my big toe through pharmaceutical help. Just as a spoiler alert, that isn’t going to happen. So you underwhelming-hung guys had better be practicing your foot rubs now because that is about the only chance in hell you will EVER be able to get a moan out of a woman. I mean, you have to have some marketable skills in order to not wind up cuckolded…. Even then, ninety percent of you will be, anyway. That is just how it goes. If you can’t touch bottom, some other guy will. But at least he can’t rub her feet like you can, so you can’t have that taken from you…right?

Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


Share the Fun In Your SPH

Sometimes, I wonder why you badly-endowed men out there love being laughed at so often, by so many different people. You’d think you’d be so ashamed of it that you wouldn’t want anyone to know, especially not everyone and their mama.  However I do so love to exploit them for my own amusement!

Femdom Humiliation From The Best

It’s actually good for both my Femdom girlfriends and me that you guys like public humiliation. Otherwise, we’d have to come up with a different type of entertainment for our parties, and something tells me it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Well, I guess you can really only call it semi-public humiliation, but in a way, that’s even better, isn’t it?  I mean random people on the street would just call you a disgusting pervert, move on…or worse and we don’t want that!  Experienced Mistresses know how to do SPH till it hurts!

Come Join The Party

SPH is a lot like many other things in life.  It’s more fun when it’s shared.  Something as amusing as laughing at your tiny dick should not be kept hidden, which is why I think a Femdom party with you, my friends, and me is a fantastic idea.  I would love to show you exactly what I mean with some small penis phone sex, so if you’re feeling brave (or lucky), then I look forward to talking to you soon!

Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


Are You Ready For The Naked Truth Of CFNM

Hello, my tiny little men, though I guess I could, or should, be calling you "males" instead.  After all, a man is at least seven inches or above!  Anyway, enough with the semantics and back to the fun!  Now, while normally most women would rather you keep your clothes on than to look at that hilariously ill-developed thing that could optimistically be referred to as "hanging" between your legs, I am not most women.  One of my favorite shows of superiority is just through the simple act of clothed female, naked male humiliation.

If You Can’t Be Useful, At Least Be Amusing

See, I love CFNM for various reasons, my little males.  First, if I want to laugh, all I have to do is look down and look at your little wiener. Bet that’s the only time a woman ever smiles at it, huh?  Next, I like having immediate and total access to it.  After all, some times it is fun to give it a few pumps and send you on the way with a little tease and denial to show you who’s boss.

Your Cock And Your Shame, All Out In The Open

Plus, I like the visual distinction between us, as I am an Ebony Goddess and may clothe herself, but you are a lowly member of the Small Penis Club, and therefore do not get to hide your shame.  Hmm, maybe I should make cards for all of you, so you can be card-carrying members of the club.  You can put it on a string and hang it around your neck for all the world to see.  I’ll gladly make that my one exception to my "no clothes in Ms. Sirena’s presence" rule!

Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


The Perfect Place For Cuckold Humiliation

Hey, you little limp lumps out there.  Have you grown any since I checked in on you last?  Yeah, I was pretty sure you hadn’t, but I just had to ask, anyway!  Maybe if I ask often enough, something will actually happen.  What do you think?  Nah, probably not.  It’s just wishful thinking.

How Does Cuckold Phone Sex Work?

You know, a lot of people have asked me how one can do cuckold phone sex.  This isn’t terribly hard.  The easiest way to create a scenario with another guy that involves my little cuck slave sitting in the corner.  A favorite thing is to throw in a little small penis humiliation while I am at it.  You know, saying if he had a real man’s cock, he would not be over in that corner right now, things like that. Some of the spicier scenarios involve a little coerced cocksucking on the cuckold’s part.  That way they can get a first hand experience with what makes a real man….

Another Way To Look At It

Another way is to talk about the dates I have been on recently, the men I have seen and done decadent deeds with–all of them Adonis’s in their own right.  Of course they are. They have to be worthy physically to touch such a gorgeous specimen like me, after all.  And I talk about all of these encounters while you sit impotently by the phone and jerk your little cock, LOL!

Ms. Sirena

Small Penis Humiliatrix_Empress Sirena


Meeting The Humiliatrix Of Your Dreams

Hello, my special little men. Your favorite ebony Femdom has a scenario for you.  Ready?  It is another night alone because we both know you cannot get a woman interested in you.  You got a bottle of two buck chuck, and you have your hand (well thumb and index finger) wrapped around your inch . . . → Read More: Meeting The Humiliatrix Of Your Dreams


Public Humiliation Is Not For Sissies

Hey, little guys! Now, I know you get made fun of all the time for your little tiny inch-high private eyes, and your ebony Humiliatrix has done her fair share of making fun of you for them as well.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Well, I think you might be getting used . . . → Read More: Public Humiliation Is Not For Sissies


What Do Tiny Dicks Deserve?

There are certain men in the world, men that you would probably call Alpha males, who deserve respect and consideration.  My boyfriend is one of those men, which is why I do my best to make him happy, even though neither one of us would ever imagine describing me as "submissive."  You, on the . . . → Read More: What Do Tiny Dicks Deserve?


CFNM Is Just Another Way I Love To Humiliate You!

Hello, my little men.  Yes, you should consider that an insult towards the size of your genitalia.  How are you today?  In the mood to be humiliated a little, I hope…. Now, I hope you didn’t expect to see my goods any time soon, little man, because those goodies just are not for you.  . . . → Read More: CFNM Is Just Another Way I Love To Humiliate You!


Fun With A Chastity Slave

I really like putting my small penis losers into male chastity. I’ve mentioned that several times before, I know, but it really never gets old. New opportunities for humiliating a chaste slave present themselves all the time. So why I shouldn’t I take advantage of those chances?

The Request

It just so happened . . . → Read More: Fun With A Chastity Slave